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I haven't had the chance to dabble into World of Warcraft since I have a pretty full plate but I've always loved Blizzard (still play Diablo 2) and with WoW's first expansion, The Burning Crusade, coming out Jan 16th I should let you guys know about this WoW portal/site that's pretty good. They all got your needs for wow gold, items, guides, stories and more. It's pretty varied and a great ressource for any WoW player. Check it out, maybe I might dabble into some WoW this semester, I do have a bit more free time, lol.



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Anonymous said... 6:20 PM  

Another good one for your wow po, wow gold at Bid n' Play.

Anonymous said... 9:46 PM  

I have been playing diablo 2 and then change to World of warcraft. OffGamers have been telling me about how great is the game, good god now I am addicted. Once a while buy some wow gold from them. Stop for quite some time, should have start playing when TBC beta is out. Time will only tell on 16th of January when i explore the Dark Portal.

Anonymous said... 5:13 AM  

wow gold

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