Back from track, and a rant on EB Games

Hey, been busy with multiple races over the last couple of days so unfortunately I wasn't able to post after friday. I'm going to post the results on the Sports/Travel Blog I'm prepping up in a little bit, got a nice story to tell over there.

So I'm stuck at the library, my usual position on a Sunday afternoon, just reading up on what's new on the net. As usual, there's a bunch of random articles on Digg, some good, some bad, but the most interesting one is this rant on EB Games on the PopCultureShock Blog by some former employee called the Mad Gamer.

He goes on to write a whole bunch of accusations about EB Games, most of them probably true, everyone knows how the system of trade-ins, pre-orders and other shady retail practices work, but he does it pretty interestingly and it sparks some debate. It is worth it to save hassle and go to EB Games, are you better off just avoiding them completely and using Ebay, other major retailers, etc for your purchases and sales of used games.

As per usual, post your thoughts, interesting comments and rants.


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