Finance and Credit, your stories?

I remember talking to someone about my first credit card, I didn't have much on it nor did it have a high limit but I remember one summer where I was unemployed I must've used that card a million times. At the end of the summer I had a large (for the time) bill, which too a long time to pay off. Many people experience the same thing, but on a larger scale, with multiple credit cards, or a large mortgage or a giant purchase to pay off like a car. That's why things like Christian Debt Consolidation are important to save you from getting killed on the interest rates. You don't want to be paying 20% or more of your purchase back per year in interest alone, which is why putting everything onto the same bill can help. I managed to pat down my debt, but I didn't have multiple unpaid bills, so let help you avoid more hassles, so you can start working towards living debt free.

There's my money story for the night, enjoy!


Posted bySteve at 11:46 PM


DEBTective said... 5:04 PM  

Bub, I'm proud of you for paying down on the debt, but what about taking it a step further, see? The sooner you can start saving up and paying cash for everything, the quicker you don't have to worry about killer interest rates. Try it, and good luck, baby.

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