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I know it's not christmas but with Valentine's day right around the corner I know some of you guys have to grab some gifts for that special someone. Unfortunately I'm out of luck on that one for now but there's still 10 days for me to find someone. I suggested that my mom gets my dad some new prescription sunglasses since he needs good glasses for driving. He has terrible vision and I never see him without glasses, which is why something from OpticsPlanet like these Body Spec High-4's. At 41$ for the frames and 175 for the lenses, it's not that bad for prescription glasses. They got different styles for your loved one but it's my dad and he don't care about style, those are nice enough for him, well compared to his old ones, lol. Anyways check them out and maybe you'll find something you like for him, from binoculars, to flashlights and everything in between, with free shipping over $29.95.



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Sean Carter said... 11:48 PM  

Well Valentines Day is right round the corner...and this is the time time get hold of that perfect gift...and there are so many things out there to choose from...and thanks for posting your ideas too...they sound really good...well i've also posted a few unique ideas and suggestions for Valentines Day over at my blog so drop by sometime and check out all the stuff i've posted there!!!

Tom said... 7:14 AM  

Valentine's Day
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I'd choose to carry Valentines
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I would not mind the heavy load,
Or mind my tired feet.
If I could scatter happiness
All up and down the street.
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