Who here hasn't seen RockStartUp yet?

Most of you guys know of Payperpost through my blog, I've done some work for them and find them to be an awesome company. They really look out for their posties and they fun, young and creative. One of their crazy ideas was to film a documentary on the startup of their show called RockStartup. It's an online reality show that's filmed in HDTV/ipod formats, put on YouTube, etc, that chronicles the startup of the Payperpost company through Ted Murphy, the president/CEO and the rest of the crew at PPP. His persona in the show is the Murphman, and he's a funny guy, from throwing up eating pizza to participating in the Postie Patrols it's great. I've loved the show because it's a good mix of showing behind the scenes at Payperpost along with the fun and side stuff going on, such as the toy drive, Vegas and the reverse postie patrols. I don't know if there's an episode that's my favorite, but I like how Episode 6 goes, showing the ups and downs.

Here's the YouTube video if you haven't seen it, check it out it's worth it.

Honestly check it out if you haven't, it's worth it!



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