Man the hotel WiFi sucks here!

I'm just relaxing in the hotel tonight, nothing to do after my track stuff, watched a bit of basketball on TV and then I stole my friends laptop to keep myself entertained.

I love the fact that hotels now have WiFi pretty much everyone you go. It's universal now which is great for someone like me who during track season travels every weekend but along with that WiFi in hotels needs to be done right.

Here's a few tips

1) One router won't cut it for a large hotel, you need to spread them out a little
2) Invest in more than the basic Cable/DSL package if you're going to get it for your hotel. You may have a large amount of laptop users at any time, and giving them crappy access may make them think twice about coming back.
3) Don't share the internet connection that management/reception uses with the WiFi network, that's just asking for trouble.

Any other tips you guys can think of? Share your thoughts on this? any really great hotel WiFi experiences?


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