Now this is cool, streaming live replays and stats to your PSP while watching Arsenal Play

If any of you love going to sport events, playing PSP, or love Arsenal (I fit into all 3 categories) then this bit of news from Pocket-Lint will interest you. The full article at Pocket-Lint states that Sony is beginning a plan to stream live football/soccer replays directly to your PSP. Now that's some great technology. Imagine missing a goal while you were getting a drink, or wanted to see if that penalty was really a foul or not, and see how many goals Thierry Henry has scored.

They're testing the technology at Emirates Stadium (the home of the London based Arsenal Football club) with about 4000 fans but I hope it gets around, and makes the jump across the pond into North America.

(Image taken from Pocket-Lint)

Check it out and post your thoughts,


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