I'm going to need some blinds for my apartment

Yep if any of you guys have been following the blog you may have noticed, or not, I didn't exactly scream it out, that I've been looking for an apartment. It's been kinda tough, my real life has been coming in the way, a roommate has backed out of an agreement, which complicates things when looking for a room, and etc.

However I have to also keep in mind I'm getting an unfurnished place, and finding furniture and things for the apartment is going to be tough. I have been looking at little things like tables, couches, etc, but I really have to think about other things such as blinds and things guys don't normally think about. Do I want venetian blinds, regular blinds, Ikea bamboo blinds, curtains? Tough choices ahead if I'm going to have to furnish a house. The site I mentioned above, Terry's Fabrics, has a bunch of stuff to look at to setup a decor, I'm going to have to look at it more, but it seems pretty interesting.

Well that's my non-tech post for the day, enjoy!


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Drew said... 1:50 AM  

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Terri said... 2:46 PM  

I had a hard time finding decent furniture to my bare apartment. I did find this place online that carries all kinds of unfinished solid wood furniture at reasonable prices. Here: unfinishedfurnitureexpo.com The table I bought turned out great!

Anonymous said... 3:30 AM  

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