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Ever wanted to get something on Craigslist or another online classified service and gotten no information and crappy pictures? Well there's a new service out there that I think shows actual promise that is an online marketplace focused on Video Marketing. lets users create videos of an apartment they're trying to sell, which is a great idea. Imagine selling an apartment and being able to view all the rooms? Or selling a car and seeing all 4 sides, the interior, etc? Seems like it could really take off since it can save the seller time by answering less questions and give more information to the buyers. I think it has great potential to be up there, it's kind of new so let's see how it turns out.

So go check out their site at and as per usual, tell me what you think.


Posted bySteve at 5:34 PM


Steph said... 12:16 AM  

Hey Steve.. how's life.. I realize this is a really random post.. and in a very random place on top of that... but I was just randomly seeing what random people were up to on facebook adn came across this blog of yours, sounds liek you got your life more or less on track (sorry, no pun intended :p).

I somehow happened on to this post about selling things by video and then went to their website. The only thing is, the locations seem to be mainly for the states... do you know if there is a sister website for Canada, or even a website similar to this by a different company that exists?

Anyway, let me know, I',m looking for an apartment in Montreal here and it would definitely save me some time if I could visit the places virtually.

Take care!

~Steph Raudsepp

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