Internet at work and free phone giveaway at Engadget

I'm making good on my promise to blog for two days in a row so here I am typing away. I'm finished work for the day, it wasn't too busy and we close at 1pm on Fridays so I get a nice early start to my weekends. I'm also using the computer of our secretary to blog since they have high speed and they're coming to install our high-speed on Tuesday, which cannot come fast enough.

Apart from that I did some minor bank stuff and went to school, pretty boring stuff but it had to get done.

Since I'm too lazy to write any opinions right now, I'll just forward you the link to a contest on EngadgetMobile for a FREE NOKIA N75. Yep, all you need is to post a comment and you're entered. Why not could be worth it.

Alright I'm going to work out, after some more coupons for the month.


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