It's all over!

I had a post that I had kept in my drafts where I was debating the fact on whether I should apologize or not for long spaces between posts. After looking back at the posts, which I started writing April 27th, I realized that I shouldn't make excuses for my absence, but instead just explain how things are going and how I want to change them.

I'm finally done with school, yep, no more exams, lectures, reports, paperwork, FINISHED. I'm also done running for LIU. I haven't really been updating my blogs due to the enormous amount of work and things I've had on my plate. Hopefully, and I really hope to stick to it, will keep working on the blogs since I've come to enjoy my time blogging and the community that has followed my blog, from the Posties at PPP to everyone coming from Blogspot, or school.

So from now on it's up to me to keep this going, no excuses, no long pauses, just blog posts, tech reviews, and the occasional PPP stuck in the middle :)


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