Memorial Day Weekend

It's actually really nice to have a long weekend every once in a while. I must admit I haven't done anything really productive yet I've been enjoying it pretty well. Yesterday went shopping, bought a new DKNY watch, bought some sheets, made a nice stir-fry at my ex-girlfriend's place, went out and then meet some girls at the bar.

May not seem very interesting to you guys but that's exactly how I want to spend my weekends, just relaxing, shopping and having fun. However next few weekends I'm going to have to work and study, so that's going to suck big ass.

As for something interesting to you guys, here's the Top 5 Worst Ipod Knockoffs Ever on TechEBlog or for those who love video games and cartoons there's a funny collage from Destructoid HERE

As per usual post your comments and enjoy your weekend!


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