Yea I'm around again

I'm back again for a couple of days in the city again. My internet sucks (what's new) or I haven't had access to some at all so the postings have been slimmer than I expected. However I have called Time Warner and am expecting some service from them soon.

So what does that mean in the mean time? You just get less rants (I mean news and opinions) from me.

However, tonight I do have a nice article for you guys. Any fan of Linkin Park will know who Chester Bennington is, and there's a really good article on Identity Theft on him. It was posted by Wired maybe a week ago, and I read it and I have to recommend it. It's pretty interesting to read about Identity Theft, especially of a star, and someone that people love like Chester.

Alright more later, hopefully soon but you never know, lol


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