It's done, I finally have High Speed!

After about an hour on the phone with Time Warner Cable, I finally managed to get internet directly to my apartment. It took a lot of going back and forth figuring if I was in the system, or how my landlord had the apartment listed as, but in the end it got done and here I am. The speeds for the Earthlink Cable (rebranded Time Warner) are pretty good, I'm getting 10mpbs down and 512kbps up, so that's not bad. As well, I'm splitting the signal, and I'm getting free basic cable. I also get some channels like ESPN2, MSG, Spike TV and the Food Network, but I'm wondering if I got a box I could get all the basic stuff.

I hopefully should be able to update the poor blog more, now that I have a stable connections, but hopefully all the stuff I do won't get too much in the way.

So yes I'm still alive, and sorry for the month long absence!


Posted bySteve at 3:54 PM


adam said... 4:56 PM  

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Karl said... 4:21 PM  

Saw your post about using Earthlink/Time Warner for your internet (and phone?). Am curious about adding that basic cable tv stuff too. Have a question for you. Was this expensive or would you say you should go the other way around (Time Warner/Earthlink).

Karl from Greenpoint

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