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Our good old friend Captain Kirk has launched his own science fiction DVD Club, where he gives you underground scifi hits for a really low price (49.95$ for 15 DVD's, that's less than 4$ a DVD). You can also try the first month free (and keep that DVD) so it's worth it just to try it out. They got some interesting movies, I'll give you guys some snippets from a few.

Movie 1 is called Immortel and it's about the Egyptian gods who've returned to Earth and cast jugment on the god Horus, it's also set in NYC and has a Pyramid over Manhattan. Has some really nice imagery and should be a good film, especially if you like things out there like the fifth element.

The second movie is called it2i2 and it's a mockumentary (a fake documentary) about the web approaching the connections of a human's brain where they give the internet a sort of Artificial Intelligence and they go through the various levels of government to find the truth, supposedly a good independant film, haven't heard much about it.

The third is called Virus, and it similar to all those type of Outbreak movies but it came out first and it's from Japan. It was one of the most expensive movies in the early 80's in Japan and it's one of the finest disaster movies ever made, with ethical questions involves such as nuclear war and the destruction of the human race. Seems pretty interesting, especially with our paranoia about Bird flu.

The last film featured is called Close Your Eyes, and it's about a hypnotherapist called Michael Strother who has visions of a young girl who's an escaped victim of a ritualistic serial killer. She's gone mute and Michael has been called upon by Scotland Yard (British Police) to unlock her secrets and catch this killer. Not usually my type of film since I don't like thrillers but if you're into them this is a really good film.

Yea I gave you the rundown on some of his featured films, seems interesting to any scifi fan, and the price ain't too bad either. Check out William Shatner's DVD Club.



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