Another piece of the Payperpost Big Announcement Puzzle!

Yep, here it is folks, a fresh piece of the payperpostbignews contest. In order to celebrate Payperpost's Big Annoucement Next week Payperpost is having a contest for all bloggers to assemble pieces of their big annoucement letter. They've released different pieces to different bloggers and the first one to assemble them all receives a nice prize.

Here's the 2nd piece that I've received

For those who don't know about Payperpost it's about ways to make money through blogging or advertising through blogging. Bloggers get to post about things they like and advertisers get exposure and buzz through methods that people care about. Definetly check out if you're interested in making money blogging.

Alright here's my 2nd piece, now time to look around see what pieces other people have, mwhahaha.


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