R.I.P. Buddy 1996-2006

I was going over my Voicemails that I had saved over the last couple of days due to the fact that I couldn't hear them or was in a rush or something and found out that my dog had to be put down. Pretty sad considering he was only 10 years old (around 70 in dog years I think). Buddy, for those who've never seen him, was a Collie/German Shepard mix with a gold and black coat and a curled tail. I'll try to edit in a picture later. I don't know the full details behind it but he was going blind, he had big cataracts in his eyes so that might've been the cause. He only knew the house by smell/hearing/memory so it was tough for him at times. Everytime I think about it I still get pretty sad. He was a big part of my teenage years so I thought I should remember him well through my blog and through my heart. Yea I don't usually get like this but it's always tough to lose a friend so hopefully he's in a better place.

R.I.P. Buddy,


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