AVB this saturday @ Crobar!

Yea I've decided to go to Armin Van Buuren Concert at Crobar this weekend. I really need to get out and club and I've been way too busy lately. I need something out there like this and I should reward myself sometimes, lol. Annicris and some other people are going, so I'm gonna go with them and just enjoy the show. Anyone down with me? Or am I like one of the 10 people at LIU that likes Trance/Electronica. Meh doesn't matter it's all about the music anyways!



Posted bySteve at 12:17 AM


Jules said... 7:19 PM  

I love Trance/Electronica !!! It would be a long haul for me to go though. Get out and enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

Steve said... 11:39 PM  

Yea I didn't get to go unfortunetly for personal reasons but I love trance, anyways I've seen AVB before, but I want to see Ferry Corsten this weekend but I'll be in Albany at a race

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