Working holiday in the UK

I found out about a international recruiting agency that does working holidays in the UK, which is similar to the Working Holiday I took in the summer of 2004. Me and one of my best friends Carter took off to London on a working holiday in order to fund our trip around Europe. We stayed in London as there was many oppertunities there and because of the high British Pound. However out trip couldn't have been done without the help of an agency. As accomodations are tough to find, getting a bank account is REALLY tough in the UK and the agency had a great job search that helped both of us find jobs. I had an account with Natwest which was one of the plus'es of being with the agency. Michael Page's agency will help you with all that and more. Their website has some guides to help you including VISAs, health care and travelling in the UK. I went to Stonehenge and Brighton, it was really nice and fun to explore around the UK and there's a guide on his website to help you on the right path. If you're interested in working in the UK and having a new experience abroad I think you should get this site out. I REALLY recommend it, as travelling and working abroad was one of the greatest experiences of my life.



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