Blast Dell!

Just when I was all happy about my large, 20.1" widescreen Dell has to go at it again and not only release an update to my monitor, which was the 2007WFP, I have the 2005FPW btw, they release a monitor that undercuts both mine and the newer money by 230$. Mine has a MSRP of 750, I payed 475$ 1.5 years ago for it, but the new E207WFP has a MSRP of 289$, which you know will be going for lower than that. It also has all the same features of my monitor minus the things that most people don't use, such as the USB Hub and the Composite/S-Video inputs, which look like crap when streched out. It also has a 5ms response time, which makes me jealous with my 12ms Grey to Grey response, I still get some ghosting, not enough to bother me, but if I look hard enough it's there. Check out the Engadget Article here, it's just announced so you can't find it yet but this sounds like a good option for the gamers out there who want some widescreen goodness.


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