Every wondered if you could keep score how many times...

If you've ever had a competition with friends about something random then you must've encountered the problem of how to keep score. Like for example I say "like" a lot in a sentence when I'm speaking, and I've tried to stop but friends still bug me. There's no way of scoring or keeping track, well there was no way until now. FantasyLifeGame.com is a unique mixture of social networking and fantasy sports. It's a way to keep up or keep tabs on a competition with your friends or buddies. Let's say you keep up a tab on who gets the most chicks, or who stays the longest without doing something, this site makes it easy to keep score and a set of rules or blog about it to your friends. Pretty cool novel idea, sure beats using myself. Check out FantasyLifeGame.com for more info and get your own league started.


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