Dixons range of In-Car Stereo Equipment

I remember Dixons from the Summer I spent there in 04 hearing about them closing down the retails stores so I haven't been inside a Dixons but I have been to other stores owned by the same group like Pc World and etc. Dixons has moved to an online only brand but they've taken their name and product lines with them. I've looked at their line of In-Car Entertainment section and it's pretty good for the casual car enthusiast. It's got most of the major players, including Pioneer, Sony, Panasonic, JBL, Kenwood and it's got a pretty varied product lines from their in car audio systems to their multimedia and DVD screens. They got your regular quality subs, amps, speakers but they don't just carry the regular things, like they carry cameras so than when you reverse you can see it on a screen. Pretty impressive. They also got little things like TV Tuners for you screens or Sat Nav / Camera Detectors for those situations that require some extra help. If you're into Car Audio or In-Car Multimedia Equipment then I definitely recommend you checking out Dixons in car audio systems website.



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