How much time do you spend on Social Networking sites?

Since I'm a college student it's probable that I would have a social networking site. It's still all the rage on the Internet, this fad ain't slowing down yet. Now I know there's a debate over which one is more popular in our school, but I think among the students Facebook is easily more popuplar. I'm guessing MySpace is more popular with those with used these sites BEFORE Facebook. I see facebook as possibly practical, which its events and easy photo uploading as opposed to MySpace's comments/bulletins but that's just me. How much time do you spend on these sites? I get suckered in by new comments or messages quite easily, lol, but now I've spend less time thanks to the news feed option of Facebook. Do you spend lots of time stalking friends on MySpace manually or do you enjoy the News Feed that Facebook gives to you? Comment Away


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