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Since I still use MySpace and I know people who spend hours each day checking out their page and every single one of their friends page I thought I'd point this page out to you guys. Everyone on Myspace likes a good layout, since it gives them a chance to be creative on this other wise boring site. What would Myspace be without layouts, embed codes and music? A facebook with less features. Layouts are what set Myspace apart, and the place I go to get my layouts are LayoutHeadquarters has a lot of Myspace Layouts to choose from, and they have a layout generator for those would don't what a prefabricated layout but just want to change the colors of their layout easily. They have 3 part-time graphic designers working the site and they take requests for layouts from the community, they produce 20 or more 100% custom layouts each week. That's pretty good selection if you ask me. I like the Poker Chips Layout, mostly because of the girl in the back but you can't go wrong with Poker. I'd definetly check out LayoutHQ if you're looking to spruce up your Myspace and give it a change of scenery.



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