How Payperpost helps me, a true story

Now anyone who reads my blog must ask themselves why the heck am I talking a lot about PayPerPost, especially when I do contests for them or promoting the site. Well it's pretty simple, I get paid, and paid pretty well for blogging. Much better than any other forms of advertising that I've done. It started off in July when I tested PayPerPost out after hearing about in Digg, I figured, hey, I have a blog, let's test it out. I wrote a short article on Searching, posted it up, and pretty much forgot about Payperpost. A month later, I got an email, finding out I got paid. I was stoked, I couldn't believe someone paid me to write 50 words on my blog. I used that money to buy something on eBay since Payperpost pays you with Paypal.

Since then I've been pretty much blogging daily, making my blog broader, focusing more on tech things, but injecting some personal things as well, since I am human. I've been paid $276.20, and I'm going to get paid another $457 dollars, all for blogging. It's great because I get paid to blog and I love blogging, it's working on my English skills and it's a place to collect myself. So why not help companies by using my space for them to reach my readership. I've seen some great companies and gotten great free products through Payperpost, like the free tickets to DigitalLife'06, from which I had a blast.

What I'm going to do with the majority of my Payperpost money is something more altruistic however. Since I'm a canadian in the US going to school in Brooklyn at LIU, I get charged a tax on my scholarship, as I get my room and board covered. Payperpost is going to help pay the majority of that amount, and I assure you that amount isn't small. Payperpost is helping me where it counts, by helping my academic career, and I appreciate them and take my job as blogger seriously. I know this may sound all too good or cute but it's true, and I enjoy Payperpost tremendously for it.

I encourage anyone who has a blog to just give it a look. You may not be looking for money but I enjoy talking about products and the sense of community that Payperpost has among it's posties, it's a great thing. Check it out, the URL is

Thanks and post some of your own stories or feedback on mine,


Posted bySteve at 10:03 PM


Amy said... 10:31 PM  

Great story - thanks for sharing!

Jules said... 11:15 PM  

Great story Steve! I just love to see what people are using their money for.

VC Dan said... 11:27 PM  

So that's why you love those PPP knuckleheads...nice story!

techie said... 1:42 AM  

Hey I found it on Digg too. We're like twinners.

DrumsNWhistles said... 2:50 AM  

Great story! I love hearing all of your plans, and anything that helps someone get through college is a good thing.

Jersey Girl said... 9:25 AM  

Nice story. :) Good luck in school and that's a great way to help pay for your taxes!

Steve said... 10:10 AM  

Thanks for the comments guys! (most I've ever gotten, lol

manky said... 1:04 AM  

great write up...

I love PPP, brings us all together, with a bit of bling! ;)

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