Thoughts on Firefox2

I installed Firefox2 last night, but since I jumped the gun and went against the release engineer's warning I didn't post about it on the blog. Over since I got an extra night to get a feel for it I thought I should post my thoughts. Yes it does feel a little slower than IE7, but I guess extensions and things like Fasterfox and the great amount of Tweaking can make up for that. I like the new layout color (light grey), looks cleaner and more streamlined and the new icons are really nice as well. As well most of my add-on's had compatible versions so it was a hassle free switch. The greatest thing about it is the built-in spell checker, it sure beats me having to use the one inside Blogger, which opens up a pop-up window.

Overall it's just some minor tweaks to a proven formula, keep up the work, I keep switching back and forth between 2/3 browsers but with this release I'm sure Firefox will steal some more marketshare from IE.


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