I love being busy

Is it weird that somehow I just always find way too many things to do in the days that I have a lot of things planned out already or is it just somehow things happen like that. Tomorrow I don't have much to do and I have a nice long break to do it. Today I have like 2-3 hours break nad I have NO time to do things, ugh. Yea I hurt my foot this weekend after the race. I have plantar fascitis, it's an inflammation of the plantar fascia on the bottom of my foot. (medial geek speak) I'm going just to have to be easy and treat it for the next couple of days. I don't want to miss the race in 2 weeks, we go up to Albany, my parents come down, and it's our fastest race of the cross-country season. Alright gotta go do Kari's HW, lol.


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