Payperpost on TechCrunch!

Yep Payperpost has hit the big news again. After making an apperance (well informal) on the Today show they're in the news again on TechCrunch. They've just raised $3 Million in venture capital money, which makes them a legit web startup now. I think that's great news for them and better news for us, meaning they'll be around for a while. As well if you listen to the podcast the debate about paying for bloggers to post about products came up. Personally, I'm all for bloggers getting money, we don't have some "code" of honor, it's our personal blogs and if the readers, you guys, don't like it then you guys won't read it. It's that simple, the market and the blogs will sort themselves out, and I think Ted or Josh spoke about that in the Podcast. You guys can read the whole article HERE. You may have your opinions on blog advertising but it's worth a look.



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