I think I've found it

After looking over the Gecko and Fly Blog Templates I think I've found it. It's the Andreas02 template, but I'm going to have to change it up and add all my side code. I gotta add all my links, my blogroll, my technorati and my del.icio.us on the side as well. I'll change the image once I get around to it, since the image is pretty nice and I don't know what I want up there, lol.

Check it out here while I work on it.

*Edit* 11pm, I uploaded it to the site. What you guys think so far? I have to make sure all my old posts follow the layout but so far I'm happy. I need to change the top links but I think this layout is more professional than a regular blogger default template.


Posted bySteve at 9:47 PM


Colleen said... 11:29 PM  

I like the new layout!

Lisa Renee said... 12:39 AM  

I like it, I don't like the standard blogger templates either. I ended up taking parts of several templates I did like with a few different backgrounds to end up with ones I liked for my two main blogs.

Steve said... 10:11 AM  

Thanks guys, still got some work to do with the links at the top but so far I'm liking the change 2

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