Baseball Spring Training

Since I'm an athletic trainer I've known fellow Athletic Trainers that have covered baseball and I've gotten some good stories about it. It's intense for the trainers and the players trying to make the team, but it's a great time to see your favorite players having fun. Fans get to be much closer to the teams and get a much better experience than just watching a regular game at the stadium. I know I'm in New York and all, but I wouldn't mind going to see the Red Sox play either. There's some decent deals on some Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets here and maybe I'll take a trip down during my spring break to see them. It would be fun and I'd get to experience what baseball is truly about, since I don't get many chances here in New York due to work and school. Ok time to finish watching the Cardinals win the world series, since I'm stuck indoors on a rainy Friday night.


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