I'm addicted to Diablo 2 again

Yep I didn't think I could get addicted again to an online game but somehow I've gotten addicted to Diablo 2, again. Usually I play games for a bit, get tired/bored, or real-life comes in and takes me away from the game for months. But with Diablo 2 it's like I can jump in for 10/15 mins, do a couple of runs, have fun, and jump back out again. Also I guess the friendship factor comes into play, since I have a couple of my really close friends playing, so it's good to have people to interact with and play the game with, etc. Anyone have a game like that? I feel like I could be playing Diablo 2 for a long time if I let myself, lol. Post Your Thoughts.


Posted bySteve at 11:38 PM


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