A gift, a 2nd piece of the Payperpost Blue Monster Puzzle for today

Yep I got my hands on another piece of the Payperpost payperpostbluemonster contest and I thought I'd share it since I'm really not motivated enough to search all the blogs for all the pieces and $500. Hopefully one of you guys who read my blog will get it, since I hope this piece is one of the last ones you need, lol. Payperpost is the pioneer in blog marketing, they help bloggers make money advertising in their blog by posting about products, reviewing things they're interested in or creating buzz for a campaign. It's a great idea and it's beneficial for both blogger and advertiser. Alright here's the final piece for tonight, since I'm tired and need to get laundry done.

Good luck and hopefully someone from here will win this thing, and hook me up a little bit, lol.


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