JamesBrausch.com - A good internet business blog.

Since I've entered the blogosphere in full force when I got serious about my blog here I've read lots of other blogs trying to figure out what makes them work or what makes them interesting. I found that a lot of people want to use their blogs to provide feedback to their customers or get some ideas from the community on what to talk about. After visiting James Brausch's Blog about Internet business I think that he actually has got that concept working to his advantage on his blog. He gets feedback, comments and a lot of people ask for his opinions in their comments. It's what most blogs should strive to be. James knows a lot about business, specifically serving the customer needs and marketing, I know little but it's still nice to read what real business owners are like. I'd definetly check it out if you're interested in Internet Business and all the related fields (Customer Service/Marketing, etc), or if you like to a real blog work. Check it out at http://www.JamesBrausch.com.



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