Keyloggers, things that can be used for GOOD and EVIL

Yea I've had some experience with keyloggers, come on now who hasn't, in the early 90's internet security was so lax that anyone accepted trojan's, viruses and keyloggers. Now things are a different story, people have become more vigilant about keyloggers and understand what they are and what they're used for. (I won't mention the other uses, but you get the idea.) A Keylogger can be used for good though, a prime example of that is watching or monitoring kids activities on the internet. A company called SpectorSoft has a keylogger that's specifically designed to monitor the activities of children online, including the dreaded that has parents scrambling to find out what they're doing. It's the only Keylogger that completely monitors MySpace, so that's definetly a good thing if your 13-14 year olds use the site. With this software parents can also figure out if their kids have been talking to online predators, no one ever wants that and you'll know exactly from the logs what your kid is doing online. I'd definetly install one of these at home if I had kids, I wouldn't like to keep tabs on them at all times but it's good to know what they're doing at all times, especially on something so vast as the internet. Check out SpectorSoft's Keylogger and see if one is right for you.



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