Lack of focus

Since I'm wasting my precious time going on the internet instead of studying for my midterm this afternoon I thought I should post about lacking focus. I know it's not very technical or technological as some of my other posts but I think it's worth a bit of discussion. I know that I have a tough time getting work done earlier, or if there's not deadline hanging in front of my face, it's just my nature as a procrastinator. I don't have the motivation to do something early, if I have extra time I always spend it on one of my side persuits, such as blogging, looking at tech sites, chatting to friends or playing whatever video game I'm addicted to at the moment (for now it's Diablo 2). Does anyone/everyone suffer from this problem, or am I the only one with this supreme lack of focus especially when I have enormous amounts of time to get things done. I know I'm going to have to cramp pretty hard come later today, so I should get off and go study now, but since I'm here, I might as well invite everyone to post their thoughts (I know, tough to do). Alright off to study Research Methods (yey).


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