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Was going through my pictures from the summer of '04 and I was looking at the Barcelona pictures I took when we traveled to Spain as part of our whole tour of Europe thing. I love Barcelona, it was sunny, beautiful, modern and a tremendous amount of fun, even if we went out with these really whack girls one night to the Beach Club, lol. If I could afford it, I would not hesitate to look into buying a property in Spain. It would be a great place to have a summer or winter get away house, or just somewhere to setup shop while in Europe. I would have to learn Spanish or Catalan in Barcelona as getting by with my English/French mix wouldn't get me too far if I lived there. If I could get a place there it would be insane, Barcelona, Paris and London are my three favorite European cities, but if I had one spot to choose from I think I'd choose Barcelona just to have a nice house on the beach. Anywhere you'd like to get some property, if you could afford it of course? lol. Discuss


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