List'd, a new ebay selling tool.

If you've followed my blog I've reviewed Ebay selling tools before and I've had good experiences with them and after trying out List'd I think the trend is going to continue. List'd isn't a full manager it's a template designer and general tool to help selling things on ebay. I liked the site, I signed on pretty quick and easy and I was able to post up an item with a specific template, add images, preview the layout, etc. It's very user friendly and very nice as well. It's good that they have free unlimited image hosting from Photobucket, saves a hassle for regular ebay users, and nice templates to make your item stand out. If I sold more on ebay instead of buying I wouldn't hesistate to use it, and if you sell things regularly on it (hint hint Jersies or Textbooks) then I'll definetly point out this eBay listing tool, List'd, to everyone I know. If you don't believe how easy it is to use then look at the images below

(Yes it's for ebay)

(Pretty nice logo don't you think?)

(Screenshot of inside the site, nice layout, easy to use, what not to like?)

Check it out and post your thoughts!


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