Luggage, do you have enough?

Yea I've been cleaning my room out tonight and searching for luggage for my weekend trip to Albany. Sure I have a few school bags and a large travel bag but I've realized my need for a quality suitcase, however I had no idea really where to start. However has a great deal of info about purchasing luggage online, things that I'd definetly take into account, since I've never shopped online for a bag. They also mention a site that they work with that has a decent return policy and a 110% price guarantee so it's just as good of an option as shopping in a local store. I've always wanted a quality Samsonite suitcase instead of my free travel bags I get from LIU, so if you're in a need for luggage like I am, checkout They also have info on other things luggage related, such as luggage tags, so check it out, it's not a sales site, it's worth a shot if you're looking into info or purchasing new luggage.



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