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I don't have a laptop but I've been always interested in laptops and tablet pc's. Ever since the Samsung Q1 I've been looking into Tablet PC's, sure they come at a premium something but I think overall it's worth it to invest the money to getting that extra functionality. Lately I've been reading some reviews from Tablet PC Reviews at the library looking at what's new in the tablet pc world. I've also checked out the forums, I find that the forums generally hold more things that then frontpage of a site, and this one is no exception to the rule. As well there's always a good base of generally knowledgable users to help. The reviews on the frontpage are good too but there's not always a whole bunch. If you're interested in Tablet PC's, Laptop's or handhelds I'd definetly check out Tablet PC Reviews, even if you're new to Tablet PC computing.


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