Opinions of Apple?

It seems that lately Apple can do no wrong. Last night I was in Midtown killing time after studying and I popped into the Apple Flagship Store on 5th Ave. I have a picture on my phone but I'm too lazy to upload it. Anyways being in the store got me thinking. I'm one who's been pretty anti-Apple for the years, don't like being locked into one standard, don't like not being able to run anything I wish, has not cared if everything is real pretty, etc. Maybe I'm biased, but it seems that Apple is on the rise and they are becoming pretty vocal of their comtempt of Microsoft. You read the digg forums and everyone takes part in Microsoft bashing. Or they remind people that Apple has never had a succesful virus written for it. Would you trade your PC for an Apple, or do you think Apple is still just a niche product?

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