PC De-Crapifier 1.6 and other random things

What a great name for a piece of Software, but you're probably asking yourself wha the heck is a PC De-Crapifier? Well it's a program designed to remove the junk that comes with most Dell systems. If you've bought a dell or had a friend buy one and had to remove the crap that comes on it then you know EXACTLY what I mean. I found it on HardOCP.com's homepage, check it out there. In other news I'm stuck inside on a beautiful day and I don't know what to do. I've been surfing howardforums, downloading crap for my phone, and browsing around generally. Also organized my bag and am going to read a few chapters of my strength and conditionning book for monday so I don't have to rush to do it. Alright more later since I'm going running for 60-90 mins after I'm liberated, lol.


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