Holidays in Florida

Is it just me or do holidays in florida just not appeal to you the same way holidays in other spots appeal to you. I went with the track team to Miami, and might be going there again this year. Sure I had fun there, but I've been to the beaches in Puerto Rico and Barcelona and I had a lot more fun there than in Miami. Miami is all about how you look and who you're with and etc but in other places it's all just about having fun. Maybe I should go check out other things in Florida like Disney World. I've never been, my father and his family have, always been envious of that, and I'm in-between the age to go, either you go young or old, lol. Definetly a good idea on your Florida Holidays to visit Mickey Mouse and co, maybe I'll try to find a way to get up to Orlando to do so, if I don't find a pretty girl on the beach before then, lol.


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