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Everyone here knows that I'm an international student in New York here on a track scholarship but with that means I have to phone home a lot. Sure Canada isn't too far but calling there is another story, T-Mobile charges like 20cents a minute to call there. That's where Pingo comes in, they charge less than 3cents a minute when calling to Canada on a cell phone. Pretty good deal if you're calling home on your cell phone. They also have great deals on traditional calling cards, or prepaid international calling cards. A regular calling card with a local access number is less than 2 cents to Canada, or 3 cents if I use a Toll-Free number from a pay phone. You really can't go wrong with that, since I've used my T-Mobile or the service provided by my school which costs 10 cents a minute. Not the greatest deals, but with Pingo's International prepaid calling cards, I can easily save a lot of money. Also if you sign up online they give you bonus amounts depending on how much you put in, like putting in 20$ will get you 25$ airtime. Check out for great international calling card rates, seriously, since they are better than the 2$ cards you get at the deli in New York City.



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