Funny toy for your xbox 360

I was looking at the blog today and I found a pretty funny device for an Xbox 360. It's called the gameDR Smack Talk, a smart talking device that connected to the headset whenver you're playing Xbox Live to issue verbal abuse to whoever you're playing against. Sure there's been intergrated smack talking in games before but I think it's special cuz it can bring smack talking to any game at any time and you can record/re-record on the fly since it has a line-in. That means it can take any source, computer mp3's, cd's, ipods, etc, as long as it's outputted through a speaker. I'd just keep hammering my opponents without fail. Too bad I don't have an Xbox 360 (yet, lol) or else I'd grab this in a second. Never really read but the blog, only the homepage, but check it out here at


Btw: I was stuck on the Q train for 30 mins and I'm tired so if this thing is retarded well too bad I like it ATM, lol.

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