Shady things behind the Google / YouTube deal

Was just reading Mark Cuban's blog, btw I think he's a great business and BY FAR the best owner in the NBA, and he posted up a very nice post that stirs up a lot of controversy. It's a re-print of a post on the "Pho List", of which I'm not familiar, but it seems pretty exclusive. Here's a nice juicy paragraph (there's lots more but gotta like this one)

> The second request was to pile some lawsuits on competitors to slow
> them down and lock in Youtube's position. As Google looked at it they
> bought a 6 month exclusive on widespread video copyright infringement.
> Universal obliged and sued two capable Youtube clones Bolt and
> Grouper. This has several effects. First, it puts enormous pressure on
> all the other video sites to clamp down on the laissez-faire content
> posting that is prevalent. If Google is agreeing to remove
> unauthorized content they want the rest of the industry doing the same
> thing. Secondly it shuts off the flow of venture capital investments
> into video firms. Without capital these firms can't build the data
> centers and pay for the bandwidth required for these upside down
> businesses.

Here's the full link:

Can they even get away with this? This is pretty nuts, goes against that great Do No Evil by suing encouraging other companies to get sued while you're "protected". Anyways what you guys think of Mark Cuban's post? Pretty serious aligations, but not proven as of yet. Post your thoughts.


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