This is hilarious, a PayPerPost wedding!

I honestly think Payperpost has outdone themselves this time. They got the Postie Patrol, the Today Show antics, the video confessionals, but this is by far the most outrageous thing they've done so far and I like it. I'm WAY too young to get married but who wouldn't want a payperpost wedding. They'll pay all your expenses for the wedding, give you a night a NICE hotel, give you a $1000 to spend, and stream your wedding live on the web for all your friends back home to see. I think that's pretty awesome. They posted it on their blog HERE and they have a URL setup specifically for the wedding. Check out http://www.payperpostwedding for more info on the wedding always you can check out Payperpost for more info on making money to blog.

Good luck to all those who try to get their wedding with PPP. I'm definetly going to be watching this webcast, lol.


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