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Since I've taken vitamins and supplements for a couple of years I might as well share a new Nutritional Site with you guys. Ever since I've been at LIU my diet hasn't been the same due to the quality of the cafeteria's selections so I've taken a multi-vitamin. I also take a supplement that contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM for my hip. I had hip surgery nearly 2 years ago due to my genetics and that fact that I run 50-60 miles a week from being a distance runner so it was recommended by my doctor. It's tough doings sports, I know I know, lol. I've never ordered supplements online but after coming across this site I might do so in the future.

I came across N101 Nutrition, a new site in the nutritional supplement world. Browsing their selection of products, they contain a pretty decent selection, including the 2 supplements I take above, which is key since my Hip needs all three ingredients. They also display the Nutritional Label directly from the bottle, this is another plus. Most sites don't do that and you know exactly what you're getting from the Supplement Facts sheet you see on every supplement as mandated by the FDA. N101 also has a rewards program for all its customers, and it prides itself on customer service. I'm going to give them a look whenever I run out of my supplements, especially at the prices these guys have. Check them out at http://www.n101.com".


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