My rant on Digg and random things

I'm all for Digg, it's got great user generated content via it's voting system and I love it. However lately I've been finding a lot of crappier stories, such as the guy who thinks his MacBook Pro is cheaper than a Dell or an HD, in Australia. He doesn't mention this until you read the blog and find that out and since he applies all the educational discounts Apple has. Maybe he should've looked for a coupon code or a dell for the Dell, I've never onced paid retail for a Dell product.

Anyways I didn't have class tonight so I had the chance to go to the library of my own free will and finish my homework. It takes everything for me to get away from a computer these days. I really think I'm addicted. I also need to get better on taking my pills, I have them in my wallet and I keep forgetting to take them. Oh well.

Lastly I don't think I'll be able to have a nice Labels section on my sidebar, since I still have all the old blogger code. I might have to change my layout, but I'll wait a bit until Blogger's new interface comes out of Beta or until I find a new theme that works well with the Beta, since I like this one. Alright enough for now, time to relax.


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