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Being an athlete and an Athletic Trainer, I know how important it is to stay heathly and to eat right. That doesn't just means eating right, it includes things such asusing supplements and/or vitamins if needed to help and maintaining a heathly lifestyle. You have to cut down the McDonalds and the processed foods, cut down all the bad fats (especially Saturated and Trans Fats) and watching your caloric intake, especially for the sedentary people. Simple things such as going out to eat Fast Food less often can dramatically impact the levels of fats and processed foods, or eating healthier snacks such as fruits instead of cookies or candy. I know it may sound tough to those who don't regularly follow any health guidelines but has some things that can help. They have some lists and links to help you getting started on making heathly choices. If you become a member at any one of the sites that they list you can have the oppertunity to get in-depth information on the subject. With membership to their mailing list they offer you free newsletters, tips, receipes, etc. They even offer free product samples of products that are oriented to help you by promoting health. Can't go wrong with something that's free and healthy, right? Here's a picture of some of the free stuff they offer.



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