T-Mobile gets more spectrum!

This is pretty good for those using T-Mobile like myself and have to constant fight off people stating that T-Mobile doesn't have any high-speed data (I think EDGE is enough for me but business users beg to differ) and that T-Mobile has the worst coverage well they just bought $4.2 billion dollars worth of spectrum to use with their new 3G network they're going to build. It's great news for us, T-Mobile users, as we'll get more coverage and more data options even if we'll have to get new headsets and phones in about 1-2 years. Right now I just bought a W810i so that should last me until then, but with all this high speed data it's going great in the next few years when I'll have as fast a connection on the road as I have now. In layman's terms it's going to be easier to work on the road, download movies and surf the web wherever you get cellular coverage. I just think this is great for T-Mobile, my favorite US carrier and hopefully we'll get some nice price wars from it as well. Check out the PC Mag article Here.


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